Nuclear Hitchhikers: Sizewell B and Communication

Part of the Nuclear Society at the University of Manchester, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Nuclear is a blog and podcast that talks about a wide range of nuclear issues. Some of the members of Cohort 2 have previously written articles for Hitchhikers which you should check out (links below).

Join Luke Townsend as he discusses why there hasn’t been any nuclear power stations constructed in the UK since the completion of Sizewell B in 1995.

Luke Nuclear Hitchhiker

Why have there not been any new nuclear builds since Sizewell B? – Luke Townsend

Or check out Connaugh’s post about how important the relationship and communication between nuclear governing authorities and the general public is.

Connaugh Nuclear Hitchhiker

Better communication between authorities and the public essential – Connaugh Fallon

Of course there’s loads more great stuff over at Nuclear Hitchhiker so check them out (link below) and hopefully soon there will be more posts over there written by NGN members.

Nuclear Hitchhiker




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