That Friday Feeling

There are ups and downs in research.

Sometimes everything seems to be working great until you realise you forgot that one important measurement and have to do it all again. Sometimes it’s worse and you realise that the method you have been using is flawed and have to complete the same work AGAIN. And sometimes, your research just randomly stops working.

If this happens once, it’s frustrating, when it happens several times, it can be utterly depressing.

The good times are good. Your experiments yield the expected result, or show you something completely unexpected but interesting. This can lead to a period of thinking, and working out exactly what has happened but at least it’s progress.

My research is more fickle than that. It likes Fridays. Monday to Thursday, it’s not interested. I get rubbish results and stupid errors for seemingly no reason. Like my sphere falling 2 cm away from where I released it, like it has been granted magical teleportation abilities. But when Friday rolls around, everything goes well. I get those results I’ve been trying to get all week. Or I try a long shot and it WORKS.

Perhaps it’s me. My Fridays are usually packed full; all my meetings are scheduled for Friday which usually leaves me only a couple of hours for real work. Maybe I get that Friday feeling and my optimism results in better experiments. Maybe the fact I only have a couple of hours of work makes me super productive. But I don’t feel like it.

So I’ve been thinking of other reasons for this. Maybe it’s because in creationism, on Friday God created.. Let me Google that… Animals of some description. That’s not going to work. Hmm. Friday’s child is… Loving at giving (thanks Google). That works better.

I wonder what happens on Friday 13th. Will my Friday research win, or will unlucky number 13?

Actually, in researching Friday for this post, I found this webpage. I’m 110% sure it’s a credible, peer-reviewed source. Seems generally Fridays have it bad. They’re good for evil, holding a Coven, a hanging, or having an accident. And from the list of things that will cause bad luck when done on a Friday, I suggest we all take Friday off in the future to hide in a hole. These include doctors visits, projects, trips, laughing, affairs of love, news, haircuts, being born (but this comes with the trade off of being loving and giving and having second sight and healing powers so that’s ok), don’t turn your mattress, do laundry or cut your nails.


Happy Friday everyone!


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