Dave Brown, Manchester

My name is Dave Brown and, despite living in North Wales, I am studying for my PhD at the University of Manchester.

I originally studied for my undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering at Aston University and, prior to joining the Next Generation Nuclear CDT, spent a couple of years working on a defence platform engineering project for a consultancy company.


My thesis title is ‘The application of multi scale modelling to carburised type 316L stainless steels to inform creep-fatigue assessment procedures’. Whilst this is something of a mouthful, the basic reason for doing this work is relatively simple: The absorption of carbon by the metals in the UK’s current nuclear reactors causes them to become harder and more brittle, introducing uncertainty around their longevity – so  by producing a number of linked models I hope to be able to interpolate between the results of simple material tests and apply them to models of real components to improve component lifetime assessments.
When I’m not studying I enjoy kayaking and rock climbing; I also have a borderline unhealthy obsession with both motorcycles and mountain bikes so can often be found in the garage attempting to repair whatever I have broken this time around!
Email: david.brown-6@manchester.ac.uk


Sponsors: EPSRC and EDF energy