Hollie-Louise Green, Manchester

I am originally from Plymouth and grew up in Cornwall. Bored of the cows and lack of a night life, I ventured up to Manchester to undertake an undergraduate master’s degree in chemistry at The University of Manchester. Having not yet completed my mission of visiting every pub in Manchester I decided to stay and do a PhD as part of the NGN CDT.hg

I did my 3rd year project with Prof. Roy Goodacre, quantifying the limits of detection of certain food additives using Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy. My 4th year project was with Dr. Nicholas Lockyer in a comparative study of Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry with Laser Post-Ionisation Sputtered Neutral Mass Spectrometry, for the quantitative analysis of metal alloys.

Now I am a part of the schools of Earth, Atmospheric and
Environmental Sciences and Chemistry with the project entitled “Radionuclide Biogeochemistry in Cementitious Wasteforms”. Where I will be focusing on the ability of microbial processes to mediate biogeochemical processes and radionuclide speciation in cementitious wasteforms, and how the heterogeneity of waste and cement grout affects this.

Outside of research I enjoy going to the gym, golf (pub golf that is) and I love cheesy chips with gravy but then again who doesn’t?!


Email: hollie-louise.green@postgrad.manchester.ac.uk