Mauro Licata, Lancaster

Hi, I’m Mauro and I’m doing my Ph.D. at Lancaster University. I was born in Iglesias, a small town located in Sardinia, Italy.

I attended my undergraduate studies in physics at the University of Cagliari, where I did a thesis on the “observations of extensive air showers with the telescopes of the Extreme Energy Events project”.MauroPic

Then, I moved to the University of Bologna, where I attended my master’s studies in nuclear and subnuclear physics. In particular, my master’s thesis project regarded the “analysis of the neutron flux and the resolution function in the n_TOF experiment at CERN”. I carried out part of my master’s research project at CERN in Switzerland as part of the n_TOF collaboration.

After that, I moved to the UK, where my interest for nuclear physics led me to do a Ph.D. as a member of the nuclear engineering group and I’m looking at the “study and development of a portable tomography system for fast neutrons and gamma rays”.

Travelling the world and geography are my hobbies. I am also interested in sports, such as football, cycling, swimming, which I still practise in my free time.