Alex Lockwood, Leeds

I am incredibly passionate about the Nuclear industry and the incredibly difficult, unique challenges associated with it. mugshot
I believe nuclear power has its place as the base load for a sustainable, low carbon energy mix in the UK and globally.
To ethically and morally belong in this mix, it is important that there be a credible strategy to effectively and permanently deal with this industry’s biggest problem, its waste. Whether it be permanent immobilisation by vitrification technology, or partitioning and transmutation of long lived radioisotopes, the global strategy must ensure that we do not leave this waste for future generations.


I completed my undergraduate degree in Chemical and Nuclear Engineering with Industrial Placement BEng (Hons) at the University of Leeds. While on placem
ent at Sellafield Ltd I decided to undertake a PhD as it would open doors into the research and development aspect of this industry. This CDT is far superior to a traditional PhD as the extra year allows you to gain an in depth insight into a very unique industry and gain the specialised skills training required to perform your research.


The industrial visits to Springfield and Heysham were very insightful and helped us to understand the scale of which these operations take place. Another aspect I really enjoyed was an introduction to the political side of the nuclear industry and what role scientist and engineers play in determining UK policy.