Joe Pawley, Sheffield

I completed my undergraduate degree in Physics in Leicester, and while Leicester is bester, Sheffield is growing on me fast.JoePic.png

My project is on the relationship between surface finish and performance of stainless steel intermediate level nuclear waste containers. This involves seeing how the roughness of a steel surface affects how it corrodes. I’m also interested in the corrosion resistance, and ease of decontamination of different steel surfaces so I’m looking forward to seeing where my work will take me.

I’m currently working in the Immobilisation Science Laboratory in Sheffield which has fantastic resources in terms of both equipment and knowledge. And while everyone here takes their work seriously a large group of us go climbing regularly and today, like most Fridays, a trip to the pub to “network” is on the timetable.

Feel free to contact me if you have an interest, or something you think I may find interesting.

Interests: Stainless steel (316L+304L), microstructure, roughness, residual stress, passivation, surface contamination by radionuclides, stress corrosion cracking, deep geological disposal conditions.

Supervisor: Dr Claire Corkhill

Sponsor: Sellafield Ltd