Ellis Rintoul, Liverpool

Hi, I’m Ellis and I’m doing my PhD at the University of Liverpool as a member of the nuclear instrumentation group. I come from Scarborough in North Yorkshire and spent 4 years doing my undergraduate masters in physics at Swansea University in Wales.

While at Swansea I spent a summer working with fibre optics at the Vinča Institute of Nuclear Sciences in Belgrade as part of the IAESTE program. I enjoyed this research role so much that I was motivated to seek a career in physics research. I carried out my master’s research project at CERN in Switzerland as part of the ALPHA collaboration, of which Swansea University is a member.

My thesis title at the University of Liverpool is “A three-dimensional integrated gamma-ray imaging and vision system”. This basically means merging images from a  camera with information obtained from detectors in order to make a portable radiation camera that can be used to measure radioactive environments. Hopefully this will yield a portable camera/detector that could be used in places like Sellafield in Cumbria for nuclear decommissioning.

Outside of physics I spend far too much time playing PC games and learning useless bits of film trivia. I also help out with keeping our CDT blog (this site) running.

Email: E.Rintoul@liverpool.ac.uk