Matt Rogers, Manchester

My name is Matthew Rogers, but everyone calls me Matt. I’m originally from the shores of sunny Derbados (Derby) and I’m studying for my PhD at the University of Manchester.

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I originally studied an undergraduate MSci Physics degree at Nottingham Trent University, where I decided I wanted to work in the nuclear industry developing reactors. This decision led to me undertaking a Master’s project designing and building a low cost laser diagnostic system for measuring temperature in plasmas similar to those used in fusion reactors. Following this I decided to look for PhDs in nuclear materials/technologies, discovered and applied to the NGN CDT and made the move to Manchester. Whilst doing my Physics degree I also spent four years working part-time in a bookmakers, which has left me with many stories to tell!

My PhD project title is ‘Irradiation Damage in Advanced Materials and Processes’. This involves comparing reactor pressure vessel steels that have been manufactured using current commercial techniques and new advanced processes in terms of their microstructure, before and after irradiation and attempting to correlate observed differences with bulk properties. It is hoped that this will inform whether or not the new advanced manufacturing processes are suitable for producing reactor pressure vessels, which must withstand thermal stresses and radiation damage, in future new nuclear build.

Besides nuclear technology, I’m also completely obsessed with cars and all things sci-fi, particularly Dr Who. I do a lot of cycling, play computer games and watch far too much TV.


Research Interests: SA508 Grade 3 RPV steel, hot isostatic pressing, forging, heat treatments, ion acceleration, ion irradiation, irradiation damage, electron microscopy, x-ray diffraction, mechanical testing.



Sponsors: EPSRC and Rolls-Royce plc.