Jonathan Sadeghi, Liverpool

Hi, I’m Jonathan and I am studying for a PhD in Engineering at the University of Liverpool in the Institute for Risk and Uncertainty. I grew up in Warrington, and gained an MPhys in Physics with Theoretical Physics nearby at the University of Manchester.


As an undergraduate I spent one summer working in the Condensed Matter Theory group at Imperial College London where I studied a problem in plasmonics. Following this I completed my Masters project in Manchester entitled Effective Field Theory for Light Nuclei, where I gained a keen interest in High Performance Computing.

I enjoyed these projects but had a desire to study something more applied, so I decided to embark upon a PhD with Next Generation Nuclear. The title of my project is Robust Probabilistic Risk/Safety Analysis for Dealing with Scarce and Limited Data and I am supervised by Dr. Edoardo Patelli. Essentially, we would like to develop methods to assess risk without making assumptions when we have limited data.

My other interests include travelling, sports (football, running) and music.

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