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Next Generation Nuclear CDT


Like what you see? Why not browse the potential PhDs on offer for the next cohort of Next Generation Nuclear students and join us in researching the nuclear field.

Nuclear Hitchhiker


From the Nuclear Hitchhiker website:

‘As part of the Nuclear Society at The University of Manchester, it’s the group’s mandate to educate and inform the public as to how nuclear energy, as well as radiation and other related issues, affect all of us. Be it in terms of politics, economics, health or the environment, nuclear energy, whether we like it or not, will have an integral part to play in Britain’s future energy strategy.

With this in mind, we decided it prudent and wise to start a podcast talking about these issues with the wider public in mind. Along with students from all sections of nuclear research, we aim to ramble on haphazardly about all things nuclear and question whether it is necessarily the imminent danger certain facets of the media would lead us to believe?

We’ll talk about everything associated with nuclear from PWRs, EPRs, FCI, THORP, LLW, ILW, HLW and every other bewildering acronym under the sun all the way through to perceptions of nuclear in film, books and the media!’

Manchester Geomicro Group

MGM Logo 2

The home of NGN members Luke & Kat; Manchester Geomicro Group has a wide scope of research, bringing together many different disciplines to explore questions related to environmental science.

Environmental microbiology, mineralogy and radiochemistry are all covered by the research in this group. The large roster of academics, alumni and students all play key roles at the forefront of answering questions around the issues of radioactive waste disposal, remediation techniques, and more.

For more information and the latest research, head on over to the website!



Featuring our very own Jonathan Sadeghi, this Liverpool based CDT group gives ‘A mathematical/scientific framework providing the essential tools needed to address multi-/inter-disciplinary problems of risk and uncertainty.’

The Training-Resources section contains some particularly useful lectures on various topics in risk and uncertainty!

Manchester Zr Group


The home of NGN cohort 2 member Matt Rogers. This group researches materials for applications in reactor systems, improving mechanistic understanding through the development  and application of microstructural analyses.

The groups’s main focus is on Zirconium (Zr) – used as cladding for nuclear fuel rods – and its alloys. Some members of the group research steels for structural applications and MAX Phases. The group also has a growing number of programmers, developing simulations of various aspects of irradiation induced microstructural damage in materials.

The webpage is still in development, but worth a read. Hit the link for more!

DECC 2050 Energy Calculator

This site allows you to make choices about the UK’s future energy production and demand in order to see how this affects greenhouse gas emissions. There are several example models available from various organisations, or you can create your own.

A more simple version of the model is available here.

Sustainable Energy – without the hot air


A great (and free) book by David MacKay FRS which gives the facts about sustainable energy, and busts several myths about nuclear energy in the process.


See where the UK’s power is coming from at any given time and how it changes throughout the day.